Pennsylvania Woman Files Mirena Lawsuit Alleging Perforation, Expulsion of the IUD

A new Mirena lawsuit has been filed on behalf of a woman from Pennsylvania whose IUD allegedly migrated within her body and perforated her uterus, according to court documents.

This case, which was bought by a 29-year old woman from a town about 50 miles outside of Pittsburgh, alleges injuries sustained in the spring of 2011—a little over a year after implantation of the intrauterine birth control implant. Filed in the U.S. District Court, Western District of Pennsylvania, this Mirena lawsuit names Bayer Healthcare Pharmaceuticals as defendant.

According to her case, the Plaintiff says she started experiencing headaches, fever and sickness, severe mood swings and other Mirena complications following implantation of the IUD. The woman later learned that the IUD had “expulsed” since her doctor was unable to locate it during Mirena removal surgery. It wasn’t until she underwent an X-ray examination in 2011 that she found the IUD had perforated her uterus.

Mirena IUD Lawsuit Alleges Bayer’s Failure to Warn about IUD Complications

According to this lawsuit, which was filed in the absence of a Mirena recall, the Plaintiffs’ injuries were sustained despite the fact that she “followed all instructions accompanying Mirena and used the product as directed. The Plaintiff suffered serious and life-threatening side effects and injuries, including but not limited to extreme lower torso pain, medical therapy, surgical removal of Mirena and hospitalization, continuing treatment, and medical monitoring.”

Also included in this lawsuit are claims that the Plaintiff’s body was permanently impaired because of Mirena, which has also caused her to experience a lessened quality of life. Her problems could have been avoided if Bayer had provided adequate warning about its product’s potential for side effects, which, according to claims, was defectively designed.

Allegations filed in this Mirena lawsuit are common to hundreds of others that are currently pending in U.S. courts. In a federal litigation established in the U.S. District Court, District of Minnesota, a recent court update showed that 267 cases have been filed, while another 300 have been brought to a consolidated proceeding underway in New Jersey’s Bergen County Superior Court. This litigation has scheduled its next Case Management Conference for January 14, 2013, when parties will discuss matters related to lawsuits involving the IUD.

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